3 Essential Tips To Improve Your Musical Arrangements

It often happens that a band uses live tracks. These tracks are particularly useful for replacing various instruments that cannot be used on stage. However, there are also times when musicians are forced to modify their planned arrangements for an entire group to create something more like an acoustic session. And here are some tips to help you do the same.

A Huge Preparation

Optimal organization is the key to obtaining suitable arrangements for different concerts and formations. You cannot adapt or arrange music if you are not prepared. And good preparation doesn’t just mean learning the songs that will be played in a session, but also knowing the other songs, the ones that you might be able to play. It is important to be flexible and be prepared to play any song.in the event of a last minute change in the setlist or in the line-up. Learn the song not so that you can play it correctly once or twice, but so that you never make a mistake. Also be sure to check the tuning of your instruments to avoid tangling your brushes once on stage.

In any case, there is no such thing as zero risk, you will need to sharpen your adaptability to be ready to react in all circumstances. You can also count on the support of your teammates who will not hesitate to encourage you with a look when it comes to getting started!

Know Your Instrument

When adapting a song for an acoustic session , it is essential to fully understand the role of each instrument and which one will perform best for the result you want to achieve. For some musicians, the role of acoustic guitars is to support the rhythm of the drums. Dynamics are very important, so it is essential to set up different variations during the song. The drums must showcase the different rhythms of the song. It is not a question of duplicating the original rhythm by applying “filters” to it.

Regarding the bass, we have to change technique. You will get more effect playing with your finger than using an opening pick. It is also important to think about dynamics and playing on different octaves.

Knowing your instruments well will help you build a “base”, with the basic instruments needed to adapt the song. Once that is all set, you will have done most of the work. It will then be a question of transforming this outline into a product a little more sophisticated and worked. And above all, do not forget to add “that little something” which will give all its magic to your final work . Indeed, in the case of an acoustic session, it is an experience that must be intimate. Don’t try to complicate things and keep it simple and efficient. Which shouldn’t be too complicated if you’ve worked hard enough on your instruments.

Unity Is Strength

In everything you do with your group, it is essential to maintain a good relationship with each member of your team . When you nurture a healthy work environment, it lets you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

You will be able to give the best of yourself and get others to do the same with regard to the musical arrangements and the various formations that you will all adopt together. The important thing will of course be to choose what will most highlight the strengths of the songs you have chosen to share with your audience.