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member since 2001  guitar, mandolin,  banjo, vocals, fiddle, effects

All my Friends are funeral Singers All my Friends are Funeral Singers  2009  Dead Oceans

CalifoneRoots&CrownsRoots and Crowns  2006  Thrill Jockey

Heron King Blues Heron King Blues  2004  Thrill Jockey

Quicksand Cradlesnakes Quicksand and Cradlesnakes  2003  Thrill Jockey

deceleration 2 Deceleration Two  2003  Perishable Records

deceleration 1 Deceleration One  2002  Perishable Records


Iron and Wine

member since 2004  guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals, fiddle, effects

morning becomes ecclectic Morning Becomes Eclectic  2011  Warner Brothers/4AD

kiss each other clean Kiss Each Other Clean 2010 Warner Brothers/4AD

The Shepard's Dog The Shepard’s Dog  2007  Sub Pop

around the well Around the Well  2006  Sub Pop

Woman King Woman King  2005  Sub Pop


Boxhead Ensemble

Guitar and Effects

Boxhead  Niagara Falls  1999  Atavistic Records


Bitchin’ Bajas

Guitar and Effects, upcoming album on Drag City 



interkosmos  Interkosmos  2005  Shrug Records

images God in America  2009  PBS

MV5BMTQwNTM2OTM4NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjUzMjQ4Nw@@._V1_SX214_ Beauty Is Embarrassing 2012



Billy Blake Billy Blake and the Vagabonds  2012

a3518416570_3 Labors  Blue Funk 2012

Movie Appearances

images-2 All My Friends are Funeral Singers  2010 Califone Movie 

Tennessee Waltz The Tennessee Waltz   2010  a film by Clayton Brown

Video Projects

Recorded, Directed, Edited 

The Judy Green  Music Video

Meander  Music Video




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